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City Financial Stability & Business Acumen
Needed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I will work tirelessly to get our local business back to business! As the current Chairman of the Board for the San Juan Chamber of Commerce, I know firsthand that these past few months have been challenging times for all our residents including our business community. It will take strong leadership on the City Council to navigate and problem solve COVID-19 pandemic issues and recharge our City's economic engine.


I also led the effort to save taxpayers approximately $82million by refinancing existing Mello-Roos bond obligations and managed to successfully terminate three Mello-Roos districts. In addition, I was able to secure additional funding for San Juan Capistrano streets, water and sewer improvements. In recognition of my efforts, the San Juan Capistrano City Council has appointed me twice to the City's Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee.

Public Safety

Fire and Police Services are extremely important to the residents of San Juan Capistrano. Managing these contracts to ensure we have reliable and prompt public safety that protects our neighborhoods from increased crime and traffic.

Education: Schools and Community First

I am a seasoned veteran of school district leadership and was first elected in 2010 by the residents of San Juan Capistrano to serve as a Capistrano Unified School District Trustee. During my two terms of office, I worked tirelessly for our families to provide fiscal stewardship while returning focus on education in the classroom for our children.

Environment and Residential Well Being

I wholeheartedly support maximizing open space, and parks, trails and recreation facilities. I also believe in responsible development and have worked to support projects and new business in our community like the River Street Project and the forthcoming Chick-fil-A.

Enhanced, Honest and Open Communications with Residents

I am a firm believer in open and transparent government.  Once elected, I will work towards any and all effective means of governance.  My personal telephone number is 949.542.3177 and I will look forward to speaking with you with your ideas and concerns.

Enhance our Quality of Life for Residents

I would like to expand and develop a robust parks and recreation program for San Juan Capistrano - something to rival what our sister cities in Dana Point and San Clemente have in place. San Juan Capistrano needs to better promote what it has to offer to the community, whether it be sports, dance, language or personal development classes.


In addition, our parks should be reflective of the needs and wants of the general surrounding areas. If an open field is used primarily for a dog run, then we should consider converting it into a fenced in dog park. This is more productive and community friendly than sending out officers to issue citations to local residents. It is my personal belief that this change in attitude would substantially elevant San Juan Capistrano's reputation as a well-rounded quality community in which to raise a family.

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