Parental Involvement Key to a Children’s Success

It was almost a year ago when it first happened. A month from now it will happen again. My daughter Autumn will soon enter Las Palmas Elementary School to start another school year, this time as a first grader.

The first day of school is something special, both for parent and child. For parents, the event serves as affirmation of their responsibility to educate their child. While I am very grateful to Autumn’s kindergarten teacher for all that he did this past school year, ultimate responsibility for teaching our child still resides with my wife and me.

We are very fortunate to live in the Capistrano Unified School District. District schools, especially those in San Clemente, do an excellent job educating our children and preparing them for our increasingly competitive global economy. There are many reasons why the district continues to excel in its mission, including quality teachers, but a big factor is that we also have very involved parents who are committed to providing the best possible education for their children.

One does not need to be active in Parent Teacher Associations or coach their child’s soccer team to be involved, though such participation is to be commended and encouraged. Parents who take an active interest in their child’s achievements and works to provide new experiences and exposure to new concepts can be just as effective and meaningful.

It can be as simple as introducing a child to a sport, a musical instrument or a random nature hike. For Autumn and her younger sister Saige, most recently it was attending a performance of the National Champion San Clemente High School Dance Team.

During the team’s winter performance my daughters were introduced to performing arts for the first time and were utterly fixated by the dancing. While the production was eight months ago, to this day both Autumn and Saige still fly through the house pretending to do the dance moves they saw that evening and continually ask me and my wife for dance lessons.

Whether or not they become world-class dancers, we will only know with time but in some ways the answer is irrelevant. The key is that they saw something new that brought a change in perspective. Now, when I read them their Angelina Ballerina books about the adventures of a dancing mouse and the story revolves around a jet.

via San Clemente Times.