CUSD Honored for Immersion Program

The Capistrano Unified School District was honored by the Orange County Business Council for its two-language immersion program that incorporates Spanish and English language learning and helps eliminate barriers for students in the ever-changing global economy and private-job sectors.

On Nov. 20, John Alpay, then-president of the CUSD Board of Trustees, accepted the Responding to Globalization Award for the district at the fourth annual Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet Awards.

The category acknowledges Orange County government bodies for strategies and programs that enable local communities, businesses and organizations to better integrate into the global economy by responding to challenges brought on by globalization.

In the district’s two-language immersion program, students learn to think, read, write and community naturally in two languages—primarily English and Spanish, but in 2012 CUSD launched a Mandarin-English immersion program at Bergeson Elementary School.

The first immersion program began at San Clemente’s Las Palmas Elementary School in 1992. The program has since been implemented at San Juan and Viejo elementary schools and Bernice Ayer and Marco Forster middle schools. Programs have also been implemented at San Clemente and San Juan Hills high schools. The combined programs serve approximately 6,000 CUSD students annually.

via San Clemente Times.